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Folklore meaning the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth.

Folklore was born out of passion for Indian art and traditions, respect for the artisans and their rare and unique artworks, and a humble intent to deliver the Indian cultural and artistic roots to the masses. The idea rooted in creation of Folklore was to make people and proud owners aware of the elements of rich heritage that we inherit from this great land we call India.

Folklore is a platform to help the creators and preservers of various representations of the Indian heritage to showcase, promote, develop and market their creations to the world. It is an attempt to promote the keepers of our culture and give them their fair share of recognition and wellbeing. Folklore aims at empowering the sons of soil and provides them with a launching pad from where they can showcase and sell their skills and specialties on global scale.

Ancient Indian culture is home to many natural, scientific and artistic expressions ranging from naturopathy and holistic products to a seamless range of artworks that have shaped and defined an unparalleled class of living and lifestyle in India.

Folklore aims to bring this lifestyle at your doorstep so that you live the tradition that has defined us from centuries. A varied range of quality creations, themed on the wonders of Indian heritage, specially created for you by artisans of the soil, so that you get the essence of the diversity as well as oneness that is India!!!

Artefacts, home décor solutions, natural and holistic products, artistic gifting Folklore has it all. Original, quality products created by talented and handpicked artists, made especially for you to experience a lifestyle never seen before!

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