Consultancy Services

The CSR Consultancy Services arm of NeedSync Solutions was established with a singular vision - to help organizations become socially and environmentally conscious. We provide CSR Consultancy Services that cover a plethora of areas, including need-based assessments, planning & implementation, CSR audits, institutional capacity building, third party impact assessment, organizational participatory programs and more. With these services, we enable our partners to implement successful and effective CSR programs that are tailored to the individual areas towards which they want to focus.

The Business Development Consultancy arm of NeedSync Solutions aims to help organizations forecast, plan and move towards their long term objectives. Our Business Development Consultancy service gives you a thorough census of your current practices, with focused and tailored recommendations on the changes that can be made to take your organization to the next level. These include a plethora of areas including sales growth, business expansion, strategic partnerships and increasing profitability.